Abstract Submission

For the Opening of the International Year of Light

22-23 January 2015

At the meeting of IYL (The international Year of Light) there will be no contributed talks. Abstracts are for the poster session.

Fill out the form below and press Submit.

Important Information:

Cut and paste from wordprocessing environments such as Word and Wordperfect are known to cause problems for the script handling of the abstract information - especially when using formatting such as e.g. subscript. Please check your abstract thoroughly and correct any errors using the editors below.

After submitting your abstract you will see a page containing the information you have submitted. You will not be able to check the formatting in detail, but please make sure that your intentions are clear (e.g. write kappa instead of k) then the formatting of the abstracts will be taken care of at a later stage. If everything works well you will also receive an e-mail at the contact address entered in the form. Please also check the information in this e-mail. If you do not receive an e-mail then DFS has not received your abstract. In this case please try to re-submit. If you have any questions contact us at dfs@nbi.dk.

Important Formatting Information:

The authors and their affiliations should be entered using a format, where numbers in brackets must be written following the author names to affiliate them with the appropriate institution. The number for each institution must be inserted before the name of the institution.

First author:
B.E. Petersen (1),
More authors:
J.A. Hansen (2,3),
P.E. Jensen (3),
A.B. Clausen (2)
(1) Institute of Physics, University of Nowhere,
(2) National Laboratory, Somewhere,
(3) Physics Company A/S

Greek letters

If you need a Greek letter just write the letter with a prepended backslash like in LaTeX: If you need an alpha write "\alpha" and "\omega" for an omega and "\Omega" for a capital omega.