KIF Annual Meeting 1999


Network for Women in Physics

Annual Meeting June 2, 1999

Hotel Nyborg Strand

Time Programme
10:00 Opening by chairman Anja C. Andersen (NBIfAFG/AO)
10:15 Winnie Svendsen (NBIfAFG/ěL):
Hyperpolarized gases for MRI scanning
11:00 Birgitta Nordström (NBIfAFG/AO):
The first stars of the Milkyway
11:45 Lunch
13:00 Anja Boisen (DTU/MIC):
Micromechanic biosensors
13:45 Postersession with coffee, tea and fruit
14:45 Cathrine Hasse (Anthropologist, KU):
The silent curriculum
15:45 Discussion
16:45 General assembly
18:00 End of meeting

Please note that everybody is welcome to attend the meeting except the general assembly, which is open to KIF members only.

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