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DFS Annual meeting 2018

As the board of the Danish Physical Society, DFS, it is our great pleasure to announce that registration for the Annual Meeting of the Danish Physical Society 2018 is now open! This year, we are again very happy to announce this with a solid line-up of invited speakers from the Growth Layer of Danish Physics.

The Annual Meeting will this year take place from the 6th to 7th of June, and the venue will again be Fænø-Sund near Middelfart. The program includes plenary talks, parallel thematic sessions and of course the poster session, the dinner and great company with colleagues past and present, fellow physicists and old friends. The confirmed invited speakers for this year's meeting are:

Invited speakers

  • Stefan Kragh Nielsen, DTU Fysik, TBA
  • Sune Jespersen, AU, Diffusion as a probe of brain microstructure
  • Oriol Vendrell, AU, Cavity femtochemistry
  • Ferdinand Kuemmeth, NBI/Qdev, Moore’s law meets spin qubits
  • Sebastian Hofferberth, SDU, Free-space QED with a single Rydberg superatom
  • Heidi Rzehak, SDU, Looking through the Higgs window for new physics
  • Michele Della Morte, SDU, Beyond Colors and Flavors with Supercomputers
  • Søren Raza, DTU Nanotech, Controlling light with silicon nanostructures
  • Jonas Schou Neergaard-Nielsen, DTU Fysik, Particle and wave: Quantum information processing with non-Gaussian light
  • Tina Hecksher, RUC, TBA
  • Klaus Seiersen, Status of the Danish Centre for Particle Therapy
  • Stela Canulescu, DTU Fotonik, Synthesis of Novel Earth-Abundant Chalcogenides for Next Generation Photovoltaic Devices
  • Ole Mouritsen, KU Food, GastroPhysics


All participants, especially students, are encouraged to bring a poster, and there will be cash prizes for both the best talks and the best posters. The winners will also be invited to write an article about their project to KVANT.

This year there will be free-passes for both high school teachers and students, and members of the DFS will, as always get a discount on the conference fee.

To register, click on the tab "Tilmelding" on the left side of the website.

The registration deadline is May 4th. Application for scholarship should be sent to DFS Chairman of hald@fysik.dtu.dk before April 20th. The application must be justified and stating the title of the desired presentation (talk or poster).

Please register by following this link (opens in a new tab).